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Soul Beings

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Place your hands over the heart space

Breathe in love,

Breathe out anything toxic,

Silence the mind!

Surround yourself with a protective white light.

Forgive and be forgiven,

Let any tears out,

Be still and know that we are ALL ONE!

Clear your past,

Reprogram your DNA,

Feel gratitude,

Going deep within,

Growth is occurring.

If fear and anxiousness arises,

Think love and ask for light to come into every cell of your body.

Words have the power to uplift!

Awaken to a new way of being.

Clear the old to make space for the new.

Beyond the consciousness of the limited mind,

Listen to your Soul's calling.

Consciousness can expand as far as we allow.

We are not the body,

We are not the ego mind,

We are soul beings.

There is one race, human race.

You are far greater than this limited physical body or the ego mind,

Free yourself!

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