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Be Powerful Today. Be conscious, be compassion, Radiate...

Radiate as the Sun that shines everywhere, it never stops being, stops shining, it shines without judgment. Even on a cloudy day, the sun is still being the sun as it radiates light. Majority of us make mistakes. Forgive yourself and forgive others. Free yourself. Embrace yourself. Imagine the most powerful love you can imagine and feel it embracing you, forgiving you, acknowledging you, loving all of you, the great, the good, the bad and the ugly. Accepting YOU.

Imagine - John Lennon. I bought this book for my daughter for Christmas so she could learn to sing this beautiful song. Each of us has to become that as we wish to see that in the world. It begins at home with the I AM. Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror, another great song with amazing lyrics. I also bought a children's book many years ago and the repeated phrase in it is "as you transform, the world around you transforms." Its about a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. Life is truly amazing; as magical as a caterpillar becoming a butterfly.

I am getting out of my head. I am feeling my heart, trusting my heart. The mind has been so programmed (good and bad) since birth, since education, since opinions appeared as facts, since etc... My heart is connected to all of you, to oneness. When I live outside of my heart I fail you. I am gifted and blessed despite everything I am gifted and blessed. If I live authentically from my heart all other chaos around me, within me would disappear. I have been confusing my emotions with my heart.

I am truly PEACE when I stand in the power of PEACE. If I were approached with non peace, I still only impart Peace back. That is when I have truly become Peace. Peace arises and I become Peace. If someone triggers me and I become something other than PEACE than I lost my power. I lost being what I want to stand for in my world. I have not yet absorbed all the aspects of Peace. I am aware of what I need to work on and I will have my days that I fall and as I receive more awareness and tools, I will have lesser days that I fall. I did not come out of my mother's womb walking/running. I fell many times before I got up and I put the effort in to walk again.

A powerful moment is when I witnessed Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela bring a stadium of us to laughter. Each of them understanding suffering, yet each imparting compassion, forgiveness, peace, all aspects of love.

Master Lord Jesus stood for PEACE, embodied Peace. He is the Prince of Peace. He turned the other cheek, understood his brothers and sisters who he knew just were asleep, unconscious to their way of being. He got it. He did not turn away from them out of fear, grudge, etc. He imparted PEACE. He LOVED. He FORGAVE. He UPLIFTED. He said we shall do greater things then he. He has faith in all of us where we lack faith. He knows our true potential.

Lord Buddha became enlightened as he observed. He went here and there and yet was not satisfied. All the answers were within him. All the answers are within us. Through trial and tribulation we fall, we rise. We choose to make amends or not.

We make a choice constantly all the time. Observe your choice, is it of love?? Do you make choices based on your alignment to another or are you as the SUN making a powerful unbiased choice from your heart despite another's thoughts/opinions? Have you done your own research within yourself? I know I will fall and judge another if I AM to make a choice based upon my brother's/mother's thought. Does this make sense? I cause another to fall when I share my side, my opinion and my loved ones side with me. I have caused a fall, I haven't uplifted my dear loved ones. I am the cause for their downfall in a thought if I am not upholding my words/thoughts. I am blessed with my friends and family that are majority forgiving, that are mostly non judgmental. And yet if I speak carelessly, still i have placed a seed in their thought of another with my words/thoughts. I am carelessly creating and I am now aware of my carelessness and as Dr. Pillai states we can't even afford a second of unconsciousness.

When I was younger one of the most powerful pieces I remember from a movie is an enemy approaching Lord Krishna with daggers but as Krishna stood in his power and smiling he welcomes the opponent and as the opponent got closer to Krishna those daggers turned into flowers. Krishna was so powerful in his being of love and compassion that he was not threatened by another and he transformed, transmuted what seemed to be an opponent's energy. He was able to look beyond the ego into the soul and saw the other as an extension of himself and imparted love. Also Krishna is depicted often as a small child.

Toddlers just be!! When they are upset, happy, laughing. They truly are what they are in the moment. Toddlers do not hold grudges for long. They will come back and love you right away. They don't withhold their love. Observe toddlers and you will learn so much. A small child loves unconditionally.

Its been quite the journey of losses. I still only know and want to love all around. I am blessed with so much love around me. I am not Krishna, I am not Willie. I am ME. I was trying to be all that I was not and miserably failing. The first problem that I recently awakened to is I was trying!!! There is no trying. I am being or not being. I can't try to be someone else. I so much wanted to be like another and through that I missed out!!! I was not truly authentically being present in my life. I was too much in my head analyzing and with this analytical brain arises doubt, fear, anxiety. etc. I missed out on too many moments and yet ALL is Well. Without this journey I would not have been awoken to MY SELF. I would still be unconscious to how I am showing up and being to the ones around me.

I am blessed to know all of my family, friends, peers, strangers, who keep me true and on the right path that will lead me to a greater love within me to be able to love others more powerfully and compassionately. Without the challenge I would not grow. Growth is not fun and yet it is in this challenge I am becoming my potential. I can stay in a space of not listening or I can be open TO LISTEN to what the universe is repeatedly bringing to me so I can LEARN, GROW and overcome. If I had not traveled the journey that I am on, I would not have the compassion, the know how to just be with another. Recently when I awakened to how I was not being because I was focused on a future or a past, clearly not living in the now or I was focused on an opinion or judgment taught to me on how I should be. Looking back I have been creating a mess from my thoughts and speech.

My spirit tells me to remain vulnerable if I want to find love again. It is so easy to want to put the wall up. If I fear and create a wall then I will be missing out on something great. I am on this journey again after loss but I embrace being vulnerable, it appears to be scary to do so, and the more I find strength and just be the more I receive abundance. The key is for the transformation to occur I must be present, truly be present to ME. When I truly see another and be with them, I am with me. Look into anyone's eyes who do you see?? A reflection of your own self. We make everything so much more complicated with these minds of ours. I truly look at myself and have the courage to look beyond to see why???? I have the strength to forgive where forgiveness is not accepted. I forgive where forgiveness is not reciprocated. I choose forgiveness regardless. I am passionate and hard headed as many of you who know me!!! I blame it on my stars and yet I am overcoming and still standing.

One of my friends is a healer and in class with me He says I called on his energy to be here from California. He says that is how powerful my thoughts are that I pulled him to Seattle. I love his humor. He radiates love, compassion and he questions me about my inconsistencies and he empowers me to a higher way of being. I would have missed out on this friendship had I remained in my judgment of him and not listened openly and not allowed reconciliation within me. I am blessed that I have such light beings around me. I have my 3 amigos who after the death of Willie really stood for Willow and I and they humble me. All my Grandparents have passed and they were all Amazing beings who loved life, who loved all around them. As I write this I sense their presence, each of them. They created amazing families that I am blessed to be a part of one of those many families they created. All of my friends, all of my experiences, all of my interactions are all blessings if I choose to see it as such.

I am blessed that through my experiences with others I am shown where I have been inauthentic. My emotions get the best of me!!!! I know this time around I must overcome this part of me. I have now witnessed this in two powerful weekends through attending Landmark Forum and the Advance Course. You must do the work by being PRESENT and transformation is instantaneous possibility. Many of the participants transformed instantaneously and you see it in their aura, in their rebirth of their new interactions. I am grateful for all experiences in life, my interactions with loved ones, strangers, opponents. Through Landmark and my Healing and Spiritual Empowerment classes through Psychic Awakenings its as if I am putting the pieces of the puzzles together and I am receiving gifts and tools.

Its freeing when you have the strength and courage to look within yourself and work on self. There is no blame and no one to blame. There is no explanation but to look at self. Self is the only place of control.

I am transforming, to be independent, to be all that I can be. I fall, I weep, I get up, I embrace a new day. I am so blessed with this amazing little girl named Willow. She is such a gift.

Words/thoughts carry so much power. I see I have carelessly used my words and thoughts. I have been observing my words/my thoughts and catching them faster. When a doubt flies in, I check myself and X it out. When a fear thought or anxious thought arise, I invite light and love into every cell of my body. Breathe until I feel the light within me. Thank you to my brother friend who shared this method with me.

As a child I will still weep when hurt, when sad or tears of joy. I will have my days of frustration. I am committed to overcome the emotions, to be forgiven, to forgive and impart love in the end.

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