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Undoing - Metamorphosis

Layers have been built up over decades

Childhood to adulthood

I am undoing these layers

The layers of my past

I have spun a cocoon

For protection

As I spin

Tears are wept

Undoing years of programming

Yearning my true reality

Internal battles of the heart and the mind

Feels Unending

The Heart wants to go left

the Mind right

Follow Your Heart!

As I follow my heart

I stumble

I stumble into my past

I stumble tripping over the doubts

I contemplate

Should I follow my Mind?

My Mind Fears

The Heart is Daring - just wants what it wants

The Heart takes Charge, Fears Not!

In my cocoon as the war continues

I let go of others' truths

I let go of others' perceptions

I let go of others' ideas

Letting go of whats not mine

Shedding my souls untruths

Shedding all that is not of my purpose


Removing all the heavy layers

I lighten up!

Feeling as if I am Naked

But in Essence I am now fully Clothed

In colors that are All ME

I rise with my wings

I rise with confidence

I find my Authentic Self

The War has ended

Victory of A pure Knowing

Just Being

I Fly!

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