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The Gift of Silence

The Gift of Silence

Silence indelicately given

Persistently gifted time after time

Reopening the seemingly healed wounds

Waterfall of tears gushing into a space of


Spiraling into the depths of this silent abyss

The tormenting hollow sounds achingly echoes


Tussling with the triumphant Silence

Wounded I accept the loss

Embracing this void

I surrender to its tranquility

As the rose’s beauty commands a tender grasp

Silence, compassionately embraced,

behold’s the elegance of its worth

offering soft whispers beckoning affection

I breathe in quiet miraculous life force

and exhale out chaos from within

An energetic silence, a transparent color

capturing the splendor of all hues

mutely connecting us all

Submerging into this mysterious space of Silence

the wall of turmoil commotion collapses

God’s meekness reverberates humbly as the air I breathe

Becoming publicly vulnerable

My wounds parade as trophies awaiting revelation

Involuntary silence had crashed in by uninvited deaths

Then intentional silence poured salt on to those wounds

days after days, turning into weeks, often months

perhaps years, year after year

silence pierces

I reflectively chew on my brokenness

seasoned by this aggressive salty silence

Your presence a Mirror of my Shadows

I see that invisible thread that floats all around

I am the shadow of that soul thread

I resist the silence and it persists

I fight the silence and it persists

Boldly facing fears within

Dancing with the pain

Spinning to a stillness

As the caterpillar spins a cocoon

Silencing all out of it space. Behold!

Breaking forth a new birth

Out comes exquisite wings and it flies!

Silence is Crowned

Bowing in Awe

I declare Yes!

United we transform

I am All and I am One

I am light and I am darkness I am the Ying and the Yang

Silence shouldering the blazing sun

burning, purifying, watering the seeds within

What appeared dark is now illuminated

My eyes were unadjusted

to the proximity of the blaring brightness

I united the eyes to a single focus

Adjusting to the brightness

Ego dissolves, I awaken, I am lit up

Awakening the omnipresence of self

Where there is God

There is Silence

Where there is Silence

There is God

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