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Stolen Moments

Somewhere within my soul

lies Moments not manifested

Desires, hopes, dreams stolen in an instant

A beautiful baby boy, 9 months of anticipation

When he arrived, he came and went as a humming bird, Blessed was I to see his face, hold him in my arms,

Never will I know his temperament, his dreams, his fears

Never will I know Us.

A truly Amazing Gifted Man

Stolen 3 days before the birth of our precious daughter

Never will I get to see him hold her

She would have been a Daddy's Girl I Imagine

He would have sang to her, protected her like he did me

Never will I truly know his answers

I can only imagine how it would be

Never will I know Us as a family

Stolen Moments

Shattered Dreams

Life proceeds on

yet the memory

remains within the Soul

of the Stolen Moments

Cherish your Moments

Why is it hard for us humans to really cherish these moments?

Why do so many stay bonded to our grudges, our pettiness

Non-forgiveness captures us

If only we remember this place is temporary

If only we allowed more patience,

more laughter

Mighty is the One

that Answers

each moment

With Love

There always lies two paths

Care not your opponents Answer

Are you You or have you become them?

Are you in Control of the Answer or

Do you wear their Answer upon your Heart?

Moments are precious

Ask a Mother who has lost her baby

Ask A child who has lost their father

Ask a Widow who lost their soulmate

Each Moment is a Gift

We choose how we react to the moment

We choose the energy we bring to the moment

Humble is the one that Answers with Love

Courageous is the one that Answers with Love

Wise is the one that Answers with Love

Don't let your Moments be stolen by your Anger

Hard to say, I know.

No I haven't walked your shoes

But Yes I have lost Moments, Precious Moments

Love takes the higher road

Answer your Moments with Love

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