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Time and time again I am told to be me, trust me.

Then time and time again there is an energy that is upset if I I do trust me over another. There is this ongoing battle in this world of duality, inside of me, conflicting thoughts always trying to win over the other.

Confusion? Not anymore. I CHOOSE to TRUST ME, to trust my heart. I choose to trust me because I am the one that has witnessed what I witness not anyone else. It's not that I don't trust another or care for them but they have not lived my life. Only I have been with me for all these years. I can rely on myself and God to guide me with my own thoughts. If others are bothered by my hopes, dreams then I ask why? If you had a dream or a hope I would want to hope with you. Why should I cast a shadow of doubt on another person's dream/desires? Why not support them and give them a boost in believing. I have met ones who believe with another that ALL is possible, that is the greatest support one could ask for in their dream. In a world that one day is going to end why do we resist another person's dream? If that is there heart's content, why does it bother us so much? Let them dream, why are we afraid for them and more pain that they will endure?

Only I can manifest and believe regardless of what the next person thinks. There are many doubters in this world. If you also doubt your own self then how will one manifest. All the great stories of ones that faced doubters time after time. They stayed focused on their dream and not the doubters. The doubters may even be valid in the time and space that they know.

Believing and dreaming is in a time and space yet to come. Dream the impossible. No one knows the absolute truth. Whatever your heart desires, dream it, without a shadow of the doubt. I know this is difficult in a world full of doubters. Maybe that is the test, maybe that is the work, to go so beyond what anyone thinks, to create your world in a way that works for you.

Knowing that Death is our end of the physical life. Why should I limit my dream? If I believe God is truly ALL possibilities and miracles can happen then I am asking God to show me the miracle.

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