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My word for the past month or so that keeps coming to me is resilience. This word was even confirmed to me with a Christmas present I received. My brother and sister-in-law got me energy bracelets and one of the words on the back was Resilience!

I am finally carrying a positive vibe and have been consistent in remaining in the flow versus in resistance like the many numerous days before. I notice as I continue to stay in the space of flow, I sense synchronicity in my world around me.

It has taken work to get to this space. It has taken deep reflective thought and self awareness. The more I look within for answers, the less I blame around me, the more freedom I have in my space. Not only freedom, I feel more in control. I claim my own power.

My resilience comes to me through my constant analytical brain. Often I want to throw my brain out for over analyzing!!! However, recently I have discovered the importance of this trait of mine especially in self reflection and self discovery. As I continue upon this journey despite the many heartaches I see my strength, my resilience.

Often I fight the Hope energy! Yet we need hope to motivate us, to wake us up each morning. Hope has been my friend and enemy over the years. Now I am building a peaceful relationship with Hope in a way with less expectations but more of a knowing.

I embrace my heartaches because without my heartaches I would not know my inner strength, know my resilience. Its easy in this world to want to find a quick fix to everything, including our emotions. Yet like everything a quick fix doesn't truly heal, it only hides the issue and it will resurface. At least that is my story.

My resilience comes from facing the many fears I have, from embracing the pain and keeping my heart vulnerable so that I can still authentically love all those in my sphere.

I have appreciation for so many loved ones who have kept me uplifted, have supported me in becoming resilient.

My personal quote for the week.

Looking within, being accountable, not blaming, has been keys to more positive energy and freedom consciously.

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