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Willie Austin Picture


A true miracle that you existed on our earthly plane.

All those that got be in the midst of your presence

Conscious or unconscious; they were blessed.

Raising the awareness of so many, 

Reconciling differences,

Meditating on aspects of unconditional love,

Building bridges,

Embracing the enemy,

Commitment to serving the higher good. 

Most think of taking care of self as themselves first.

You stated like the hand and foot are part of the same body,

so is the next person part of our (your) same body.

Your definition of take care of self first was by taking care of others first

and thus you were taking care of yourself.

You taught about forgiveness.

When I asked about forgiveness, you questioned me 

"how many times would I want to be forgiven by God?"

I said "every time." 

When I had a difficult time with others, you stated

"Are you going to let them stop you from getting to heaven?"

Even though you are not here physically, your last "I love you" and your last hug gives me so much strength each day.  

Being with you was completeness.

You said I was a miracle in your life 

and you were a Miracle in so many lives.

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