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Reacquainted Love - Cycling

Along with the arrival of new love

I reacquainted with an old love - Cycling

Lost in a fog of love I pedaled onto a rugged road

Subsequently to be unveiled as a path of divine healing

Despite the feeling of loss and grief repeating on the journey

Pleasantly surprised, I pedaled back to Wholeness and Faith in the end

Determined to keep up with my new romance

I persevere to a greater depth with my cycling

Inspired by the one and the many

I participate in Flying Wheels, STP (Seattle to Portland), group bike rides

Solo I rise to the many challenges

I transport to a place within, I conquer fears, make new friends

Finding love, laughter and healing each time

Cycling teaches me about my resilience

physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Steadily pedaling uphill,

Strengthening my endurance

Embracing the hill, the pain of loss after loss

I learn to pedal my spirits uphill as well

Cycling nourishes my battered soul

Mother Earth embraces me with her breeze

Her crisp aroma reawakens senses that had slumbered too long

Her tears unite with my own - showering on cloudy days;

Other days the sun comes out and lights the way

Materializing a magnificent bow of colors as if applauding the journey

Reminding me nothing is permanent,

Change is constant

Change is beauty

Through cycling I soar to new heights

with a bird’s eye view

I AM able to see more of me

On the route I cycle onto unseen broken glass

As if I cycled to the broken parts of me

Stinging with cruelty, unkind love pierces my tires

A well of tears flow down; as all the air is let out

my tires flatten and I can ride no more

Becoming immune to anymore pain

Involuntarily, I halt to a stop

Miraculously killing the deep grief within me,

Surrendering to the current space, the healing begins I patch the holes and pump new air,

Feeling whole once again

Reenergized I rise

I embrace my dear friend and we pedal away

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