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Sitting and Engaging with Pain

The more I learn to sit with the pain, the more the pain dissipates. This year has been a huge growth year since the losses in my life. The thought came to me that if I did not go through the pain I would not also be co-creating a more resilient stunning life for myself. The losses in my life were a wake up call to my soul.

For years I keep wanting to run away from the pain. This year I have been learning to sit with the pain, to observe the pain and YES it is painful. However if you are in a meditation practice you know that this too will pass, the pain will eventually pass. The pain has to be allowed to pass through and not be stuck in our physical, emotional, mental, etc bodies. I have been receiving universal messages for some time now and because I have been so resistant to dealing with the pain, I had created more pain in my life. At the same time I kept praying to God for mercy and grace. I praise Got that I have also received those energies as well, it has just taken my consciousness some adjustment period to understand that I was receiving the grace and mercy.

As I awake from my Grief, I am more aware and through my conscious efforts I have been able to sit with the pain and I have allowed myself avenues to learn tools to support me in learning to change the energy fields around me that had previously kept me in a continuous rut. As I write this I am aware that the process is not completely over, yet I am also seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

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