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Journey to Me

Journey to Me. I am discovering through all of my smiles and tears I am constantly awakening a part of me. I am eternally changing and evolving so I can find my own truth, my authentic self.

I have been writing since I can remember. Writing in my diaries and journals as a little girl. Through my many struggles in life I write and have numerous conversations in my mind with God. I was writing the future without knowing. As I was writing letters to God, I was unaware that I was manifesting at the same time. It was much easier when I was younger and writing because I was unaware and had no expectations. Now there are so many books on writing and manifesting that I find letting go of the expectations are harder to release.

In 1995-1996 I had started to write many letters to God. I was seeking healing through listening to a radio talk show host and writing. Sometime in 1996 is when I first became aware that something greater than me had been paying attention to all that I was writing and dreaming about for my life. I had zero expectations of any of it to come to any type of fruition, yet slowly it was unfolding. 1996 is the same year that I met the man who would profound positive impact in my life and would later become my husband and give me a beautiful loving daughter.

April 24, 2013, passing of my husband, was the ending of our physical life together and a new beginning of a new chapter of my life without him and the start of my Journey to Me and unfolding my Wings.

I hope my blog brings healing to others who can resonate with loss and other types of grievances in life.

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