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A Tribute to Ozias

You are a gift and my eternal angel.

A mother is to take care of her child,

However you are daily taking care of me

Thank you for inspiring me,

Giving me strength

Loving Me

Bless your Innocent Harmonious Soul 

11/3/11 r11/30/11



I feel as if I have given birth to you many times over.

My mind gave you birth when I was just a little girl.

You were a dream to me and you came true.

I could not wait to meet you!

For years I left my dream and then came the Dalai Llama,

He spoke on being a Mother

Reawakened my dream deep within my Soul.


All of sudden there was this yearning

My mind perplexed upon you.

Prayers asking for guidance for the highest good;

Then the perplexed thought was manifested,

Dream was turning into reality

A Smile within my Soul

Watching hummingbirds months before

Now looking back was a sign of you to come.

They all come and go fast, just as you, hard to catch.

I dreamt BIG for you,

I wanted you to follow your father’s footsteps

His soul is a gift to me.

It all feels so surreal.

I met you several times before your birth.

One night in a dream,

You were sitting on a stool,

I kissed you on your forehead

I asked you not to stay up too late

Books were all around you.

You seemed perplexed.

Were you studying the book of life?

It is quite complex and challenging here!

I carried you all those months or did you carry me?

New Year’s Eve

I got my word


I thought how fitting!

Of course you were going bring a huge change to my life!

It all feels like Magic

* Poof  * you were here, * poof * you were gone.

I am in disbelief when I see your face.

They say you look like your Daddy.

I prayed for you to be just like him.

The sequence of events that occurred NEVER would I have IMAGINED.

I just knew you were coming!

I wanted you to teach me to be a better person,

I wanted you to teach me to love in a deeper capacity

I wanted you to teach me greater patience

I wanted you to hold me accountable

I had SO MUCH I wanted to learn from you.

You definitely did bring about CHANGE

Hopefully even changed others around me

Some you brought closer, others went further

Changes are still occurring daily

Sweetie, My mind is often fragile,

Hugging Hurts of Yesterday, taking away from the Truths of Tomorrow.

Trip, I do, many times, often even Fall

Over my unconstructive thoughts, preventing me from rising

Then the thought of you, reminds me, what is real, what is precious.

Thought of you gives me strengths, lifts me up.

Many blessings & gifts you brought me and continue to bring me.

Like the fairytales,

I believe someone will just leave you on my doorstep in a wicker basket.

I wonder did I not have the faith of the mustard seed?

So many unanswered questions race through my mind

So many “What ifs?” engulf the mind.

I cry, I get angry, I just plain don’t know how to feel.

Through my prayerful tears and grief I heard the following:

I had prayed for God’s Child

However the world was not yet ready.

Too many hateful, jealous, unforgiving, impatient thoughts

More tears

But even sweeter words I heard.

“You gave birth to an Angel”

Sweetie, Congratulations on your Wings!

Be close to me in Spirit, teach me, guide me

To that heavenly place on earth

Help me free Yesterday, who has taken Tomorrow hostage

Anchoring its unproductive Memories onto my heart and mind.

Veiling out the once good memories, words and deeds.

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