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Fragile Soul

January 13, 2006

via meditation

This piece came to me as I was meditating on how to deal with someone at work & so many of us were having issues with this one individual. 

I am a fragile soul

I have been shipped by God

It appears that I am rough and tough

But my heart is fragile

I don’t know how to ask for help

My ego has bound me


God has sent me to you

Most would not know how to see me 

But you; God has given you eyes

Eyes to see one’s soul

Don’t give up on me

Nourish me with your love

Hate has consumed me

Bitterness has made me ugly

More hate, more bitterness 

From you – divine’s child

My only hope; will break me


You are God’s child

You have the seed 

You are awakened

My soul pleads

Your strength lies in your faith

In your Creator

Will save me


I am a fragile soul

God has sent me 

To my divine brothers and sisters

Please be my keeper

I don’t know how to thank one

Give me up 

To your Creator

The God within you

You are my bridge

You are the ark 

That can carry this fragile soul 

To my mother, my father

This fragile soul must be handled with care

You have that gift of divine care

I don’t know how to always be kind

I look to be a jerk

Especially to you many times

You know God has sent me 

I am a fragile Soul

I don’t even recognize God

But God knows me

Knows I am a fragile Soul

Sent me to you

He has given you the love

To be the keeper of this fragile soul


You may not like me 

I may not like you

God loves us both

I serve my purpose 

To need to be loved 

So this fragile soul can mend

You serve your purpose

To nourish with your 

Strength, faith, and love

To help this fragile soul


Your soul is one with God

Don’t give me up 

To this world

God has sent me to you

Thank you

These eyes may not show it

The words in my mouth don’t know how to say it

God knows and you know how to care for  

A fragile soul

God praises you through awakening you.

He has given you the gift of healing.

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