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Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body's subtle energy systems to remove blocks for healing.  I work with my clients to support them to discover blocks  and heal areas whether it be physical, emotional, mental, psychological and/or spiritual.   As blocks are removed and healing occurs, transformation begins!  Majority of my clients surveyed had blocks and/or release, lighter, happier feeling, had greater clarity and empowerment.  


Please contact me for availability and sliding scale.

Long Distance Healing

I will use various tools such as Heart Awakening Process, Healing Hands and Guided Meditation with Healing Intentions to support in healing. 


Each session is different and if open to it you may receive messages.

Guided Healing Meditations

I will lead you or the group through a guided meditation through the chakras to support in releasing stagnant and/or blocked energies.  I will also guide you to make positive affirmations and to reclaim any of your power that you have given away. 

Each session is different and if open to it you may receive messages.

Twin Flame Support

Twin Flame Support $50/hr 

This is for those who believe in the twin flame phenomenon and would like to talk to someone.  Heal the Mirror within by purchasing a healing service

Psychic Addiction

Are you addicted to psychics, I am here to listen $50/hr. 

*Heal the addiction by purchasing a healing service.

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