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Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body's subtle energy systems to remove blocks for healing.  I work with my clients to support them to discover blocks and heal areas whether it be physical, emotional, mental, psychological and/or spiritual. As blocks are removed and healing occurs, transformation begins!  Majority of my clients surveyed had blocks and/or release, lighter, happier feeling, had greater clarity and empowerment.  


I act as a vessel to connect clients with cosmic light energies, healing frequencies, resources, and replenishment.  I hold open, non-judgmental space and attune to their energetic needs, allowing them to express and release blockages for empowerment.  As I work with my clients as they heal and transform,  a community of greater authenticity is built. The healing allows my clients to feel more freedom to show up as their whole, positive selves. I feel gifted with a natural intuition to do this work, and have a diversity of life experience that has given me valuable insight into understanding our society's response to grief and emotion. I use a collaborative approach in client work and understand that it is a mutual enlightening experience.  Often times I am connecting with my clients loved ones that have passed on.   Journey to ME came about as I continually chose to go inward to heal after my traumatic losses, followed by other challenges to come, which led me down a path of self discovery.  I had layers of blocks to release to get to the empowered "I AM" space within me. 



(Long Distance & In-Person when socially safe) 

Please contact me for availability, package deals, and sliding scale.


I use various tools such as the Healing Hands,

Heart Awakening & Guided Meditation,

 I work with the spirit guides to support in healing.

 I share intuitive information & messages.

*1ST SESSION $200 & then $150/session

Package Deals

Once a week $111/session (4 package)

Once a month $88/session (12 package)


I will lead you or your group through a guided meditation through the chakras to support in releasing any imbalances and/or blocked energies.  I will also guide you in affirming positive statements for each energy center.  Each session supports you in reclaiming any of your power that you have given away.  Each session is different and often intuitive messages are received.  

$60/hr for individual

Group rates under 1-5 $30/individual 

Group rates  6-10 $15/individual

Group rates 11-15 $10/individual

Group rates 16+ $5/individual


Do you need someone to listen to you and not judge you? 

I am able to offer a compassionate ear and share tools


Have you lost a loved one to death & challenged with moving forward? 

I have experienced the loss of my spouse and the loss of my first born at birth.


 MIRROR MIRROR  (aka "twin flame") JOURNEY

Are you challenged by a relationship  that you believe is your twin flame?  

I believe this as an internal journey to heal our mirror within


Are you addicted to psychics?

 I am here to listen and support you to be empowered to find your own answers.


To gift or donate a healing for someone, please follow the payment links below (Gifts and donations are not tax deductible)

Paypal link



 Learn Heart Awakening Tools to Heal yourself and/or others 

Majority of the course will be practicing the tools. 

With practice the stronger one's healing muscle becomes.  

 You will also be receiving healings throughout

12 weeks $1111.00

Limited # of spots available


Audio Testimonial
00:00 / 05:33
Testimonials from various individuals


"You saw my grandma who had passed and it was very healing to be connected with her, especially in this time of my life!!"


"Our session definitely helped me to remember to return to myself through my inner guidance.  You are magic, and it shows with your gentle healing. Vanisha is a pure angel of light. She has helped me remove so many blocks in my life.. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a shift."


"My very first healing session with Vanisha was empowering.  It unblocked trapped energies and I was able to identify some negative patterns in my behavior.  I'm actively taking steps to process changes that impact my life, with a renewed spirit.”


"Your philosophy has been a guiding light for me on my path towards greater internal security.

Thank you."

"It was a wonderful session of healing and I really felt lighter. I could feel some area of my body slightly heavy or warm sensation that told me there is some physical energy and healing inside. It was great!"

"I was feeling lots of stress and anxiety about our upcoming cross-country move and having a session with you really helped me put things in perspective! So I would definitely recommend your services to anyone in a similar position."




"The session was enlightening"

"Your healing...the healing....has been life changing!" 



"I am blown away by your gifts and abilities. I felt a trust between us from the first time we met and I have never once felt pushed to do something I wasn’t ready to do or judged by you for my issues. You are a light in the darkness and a pathway between heaven and earth. You have my husband and I such an intimate experience together that helped us grow and understand each other now more than ever. That session you gave us the greatest gift and I am forever thankful to you for that. I have spent thousands of dollars paying for counseling and never felt the healing and relief that I felt in just a few sessions within you! You are a blessing to my life and I am so grateful for you."


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